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October 2021
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Moral Education Values In The Thought Of Habib ‘Uthmān Bin Yaḥyā

Judul: Moral Education Values In The Thought Of Habib ‘Uthmān Bin Yaḥyā

In The Community Of Haḏrāmī In Betawi

Penulis: Dr. Fajar Syarif

Tebal Halaman: xiv + 309

Ukuran Buku: 15 cm x 22 cm

No. ISBN: 978-602-5668-56-2


Nama: Dr. Fajar Syarif

Alamat: Jakarta

Email: fajarsyarif@gmail.com


The research aims to analyze the thought of Habib ‘Uthmân bin Yaḥyâ on moral education in Arabic community in Betawi. The research disagrees with Pargament, Kenneth I., and James E. Lomax (2013), Wayne Oates (2012) and Robert C. Trundle (2012). They state that education can be taught without the involvement of religion. The research agrees with Christian Zwingmann, Markus Wirtz, Claudia Muller, Jurgen Korber, and Sebastian Murken (2013) who state that moral education involves religion. The research supports Masita (2012) who states that moral education bases on cultural values. The research also strengthens Bhina Patria (2012) who concludes that the education depends on power.

The focus of research is the tought of Habib ‘Uthmân bin Yaḥyâ on moral education which is explain as relation between religion, culture, and power in Arabic community in Betawi. The research uses Adâb al-Insân (1305/1885) by Habib ‘Uthmân bin Yaḥyâ as a primary source and books and articles of journal as secondary sources. The research employs the cognitive approach of Kurt Lewin (1892-1947) who states which states that learning is a process of change of social behaviour. The research also employs hermeneutic method by Hans-Goerg Gadamer (1900-2002) for data analysis. By the method, the researcher tries to understand the books written by Habib ‘Uthmân bin Yaḥyâ and makes a dialogue between the intention of the writer and interpretation of researcher when he was alive.

The research concludes that moral education is an intersection between religion, culture, and power. Religion, culture, and power has important role on this issue.


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